Sponsorship Opportunities

Corporate Governance eCommunity

The international voice of Corporate Governance. Leading the practice of governance around the world. Join our conversation, access a database of global governance professionals and position your company as a thought leader within the industry.

Our eCommunity provides 24/7 audience engagement, 365 days a year. Home to governance professionals across the world, think of this as the digital city that never sleeps; generating high quality, insightful, co-created content and giving unparalleled access to thousands of governance professionals. Built to meet our members’ needs for professional networking, collaborating and creating a digital legacy.

By partnering with our high-powered, online community via advertising space, content creation or educational offerings within The Chartered Governance Institute’s eCommunity, your brand will be visible to a relevant, forward-thinking, and engaged community.


Digest email

All eCommunity members have access to the online community and receive either a "Daily or Weekly Digest" email alerting them to posts and other activity from the past 24 hours for the Open Forum and other forums they have joined.

The Chartered Governance Institute is proud to report a consistent monthly average open rate of 25% for digest emails, sitting comfortably above the industry average. This is a valuable tool for a sponsor to market to those Community members who engage with content received from  eCommunity summary emails.

  • Sent to each eCommunity user, providing the highest visibility for your brand
  • One pixels x pixels banner positioned at the top of each daily digest distributed
  • Artwork submission required 10 days prior, changes throughout the month are permitted
  • £800 per month, £1,500 for three months

eCommunity homepage banner

Make your brand stand out to visitors to the eCommunity  by hosting a web banner on the homepage. Visible to all eCommunity users around the clock and fully optimised to phone, desktop or tablet format, this exclusive opportunity allows for prominent visibility with the ability to hyperlink the banner to an external site.

  • Banners should consist of two layers due to screen size optimisation: 1920x400 pixels with content overlay no larger than 1160x400 pixels
  • Artwork submission required 10 days prior
  • £1,000 per month, £2,500 for three months

Sponsored e-mailer

Email marketing to the eCommunity audience provides your brand with excellent ROI, with analytics to support. A personalised dedicated eshot distributed to the mass database of more than 6,000 organic subscribers allows your brand to be aligned with the eCommuity.

  • Limited to one email per six months per sponsor, alternative distribution options available
  • Content required two weeks prior to distribution date
  • £2,500 per email

Educational webinars

An extended opportunity to create, plan, market and host a webinar via the eCommunity to governance professionals. With the ability to uniquely track where registrations are coming from – your sponsor name and branding will be built into all webinar communications (dedicated marketing campaign, monthly newsletter, social media, eCommunity & website). An excellent opportunity for key opinion leaders to share their thoughts and workings with a large, engaged audience.

  • Subject and speakers to be pre-approved but content and planning is controlled by the sponsor
  • Recording of the webinar to be available in the resource library for on-demand viewing
  • £5,000 per webinar, £12,500 for three webinars across an 18-month period

Webinar supporting partner

An exclusive opportunity to support a webinar run by CGI on a quarterly basis. CGI has been  delivering Global webinars since June 2020, each one requiring a 3000-attendee license, with on-the-day attendees sitting between 1500 and 2500. Attendees and absentees also receive follow-up mailers directly linking to the on-demand recording as well as other webinar materials if applicable (i.e. a report). A true global appeal with attendees from over 30 countries worldwide.

  • Flexibility in level and type of support (advert sponsor, panellist, guest speaker, etc)
  • Sponsor details included in webinar marketing campaign
  • Attendance analytics to be provided
  • From £3,000 per webinar

To discuss investment options further or reserve your space, please contact Chelsea Thomas cgipartnerships@mci-group.com