CGI Global Webinar - 'Values of Belonging, Dignity and Justice'

Giving people a sense of belonging, treating them with dignity and providing justice (BDJ) is a question of fundamental values. An awareness of the values of BDJ is not an alternative to the themes of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). On the contrary, it is complementary by examining, building and reinforcing the values on which the sustained implementation of DEI processes must rest.

The panel discussion looked at what it takes for a society to have its underlying values evolve such that, for example, quotas become less important. It should make no difference whether an individual is a woman, from an ethnic minority or somehow different from a perceived ‘norm’, because everybody, regardless of their gender, colour, age, background etc, receives the same opportunity, is accorded the same degree of respect and feels the same sense of belonging.

For our panel, we were fortunate to be joined by:

Enid Muthoni
Chief Programs Officer, Center for Reproductive Rights

Dr Bruce Lloyd
Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management, London South Bank University

Gertrude Takawira
Policy Adviser, The Chartered Governance Institute

Sehoai Santho
African Futurist

Kate Sayer
Director of Integrity and Ethics, Oxfam GB

Tim Sheehy
Director General of The Chartered Governance Institute

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