Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct

Members, graduates and students of The Chartered Governance Institute are expected to display the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct in all of their work and professional activities. 

The Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct comprises four core principles to which all members, graduates and students must adhere: (1) Integrity, (2) High standard of service/professional competence, (3) Transparency and (4) Professional behaviour.

The Chartered Governance Institute’s framework for professional conduct, approved by the Council, is comprised of:

  • the Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct
  • the Disciplinary Regulations
  • the Investigation Group
  • the Disciplinary Tribunal
  • the Appeal Tribunal

In some Divisions a Divisional Committee may have approved a more localised version of the Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct and if so this will be the prevailing code for members, graduates and students registered in that Division.

Should it be necessary to file a complaint against any member, graduate or student the complaint must be supported by evidence that is sufficient to show the possibility of alleged improper acts or professional misconduct committed. Complaints can be lodged with the Chief Executive or Secretary of any Division or with the Director General or Institute Secretary.