President’s speeches

HKICS Double anniversary cocktail reception – November 2019

The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries Double Anniversary Cocktail Reception, Hong Kong
Closing Remarks
Edith Shih, International President, The Chartered Governance Institute

Distinguished guests, members, students and friends of HKICS, good evening.

I would like to thank HKICS for giving me this opportunity to speak at this Double Anniversary Cocktail Reception.

As the International President of The Chartered Governance Institute, formerly The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, it is indeed most gratifying for me to be here to celebrate the 70 years history of the Chartered Secretary profession in Hong Kong.  We have come a long way but I believe the most significant and strategic chapter in the history of our global Institute is unfolding before us now.  The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators changed its name to The Chartered Governance Institute on 16 September 2019 and has just launched a new website and corporate identity on 5 November.

This historic change of our 125 year old institute reflects and embraces how our global membership of governance professionals has evolved over the past decade.  The ethos and new visual corporate identity encompass a wider remit to support and qualify Chartered Secretaries, governance advisors, risk and compliance managers and non-executive directors – basically anyone who takes on governance responsibilities in our increasingly regulated and risk conscious societies.  The new name positions The Chartered Governance Institute as the qualifying and membership organisation for anyone involved in governance, and is the only such institute that is Chartered.

The Chartered Governance Institute is the only international organisation that can offer qualifications that empower a person with skills that transcend borders.  The institute facilitates the international movement of governance professionals, ensuring membership portability.  It sets the standards of the profession globally and defines the future of good governance.

As the International President, I commend the good work done by our China division - HKICS, as well as our other eight divisions across the world from Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Southern Africa, to United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Associated Territories and Zimbabwe.

As President David (Fu) mentioned earlier, governance standards and requirements are evolving rapidly and so is our profession.  This evolution is irreversible, and is expanding and accelerating as well.  All these present great opportunities for qualified governance professionals.  I say with confidence that there has never been a better time to be a governance practitioner.  If you are not yet a Chartered Secretary and/or Chartered Governance Professional and are interested in the profession, please get in touch with HKICS to find out how to become qualified.

Have a lovely evening!


Hong Kong
11 November 2019