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Managing Culture – A good practice guide


As part of a global ICSA thought leadership project, Governance Institute surveyed its members on minute taking. The Australian survey consisted of text outlining Governance Institute’s existing position on various minutes-related issues derived from our suite of Good Governance Guides and best practice documents, followed by questions asking respondents to confirm or otherwise comment on those positions. Governance Institute’s members received the survey in early 2017 and provided an extremely rich set or responses. All responses to the survey were anonymous and the results were aggregated and are not attributable to any one participant.

The Australian survey indicated that the principal function of meeting minutes is to serve as a record of the key points of discussion, to record decisions and the reasons for decisions and agreed actions. The company secretary is responsible to the chair for the preparation and retention of the minutes. The chair and the other members of the board are responsible for confirming their accuracy, with an item of business at the succeeding board meeting usually being to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

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