Thought Leadership report – Beyond the Listed Company

Since the publication of the Cadbury Report in 1992, there has been an ongoing increase in the reach of legislators and regulators into the workings of the governance of listed companies, whilst at the same time a significant diminution of the role of such companies in the wider economy.

In our latest thought leadership report, we discuss key questions around the corporate governance of listed companies, including:

  • Is a more measured and nuanced approach required to the corporate governance standards expected of listed companies?
  • Should greater attention also be accorded to the governance of alternative fundraising structures and, in particular, to private companies benefiting from the advantage of limited liability?
  • Would doing so respect the hope expressed by Sir Adrian Cadbury of both listed and other companies aspiring to similar standards of governance?

Hear Peter Greenwood, Chair and author of this report, provide a summary of the key insights that are explored in ‘Corporate Governance – Beyond the Listed Company’.