The Governance Exchange - an initiative made up of multiple interview series' that examine global governance issues through the eyes of leading practitioners, academics and commentators. Short and sharp, these 1-to-1 interviews will bring to light the insights and experiences that we all want to hear. The governance exchange, over fifteen minutes, will put you in front of colleagues that share their knowledge, skills and experience. They will inform you, challenge you and motivate you.

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Series 3 - 'In the boardroom'

Series 3 of The Governance Exchange takes advantage of the unique perspective that governance professionals have in observing and participating in what happens in the boardroom.  ‘In the boardroom’ will speak with governance professionals that have taken it to the next step and have developed theories of human behaviour that drive board performance.

Series 2 - 'Hot Topics'

The second series of The Governance Exchange interviews is called ‘Hot Topics’ and will interview experts in their field on topics that are front of mind now. These interviews are a unique opportunity to examine governance practice in some prolific environments, on what are certainly very hot topics in the current day.

Series 1 - 'The response to Covid-19'

This first set of interviews looked at how leading company secretaries and governance professionals across a range of countries responded to Covid-19. What happened in those first couple of days, was their organisation prepared, were their regulators on the front-foot, how did they look after the wellbeing of their staff, what did they learn and most important…what advice did they have for those that are new to the profession.