CGI Global Webinar: 'Ethical Governance of AI'

Given the ever-increasing worldwide usage of AI in social and economic systems, it is increasingly important for governance professionals to be mindful of the risks that accompany the benefits offered by AI.

The ability of AI systems to make decisions and perform tasks, which used to be the preserve of people, raises issues and concerns about fairness, accountability, and integrity. This in turn is increasing the demand for sound ethical governance of AI that places human values at the forefront.

Ethical governance of AI will be an ongoing consideration for all organisations. It is essential for all governance professionals to guide their organisations in establishing solid governance structures and protocols for everyone from board members down.

For this webinar, we were fortunate to be joined by:


Peter Greenwood FCG FCS
Member of the Council and Chairman of the Thought Leadership Committee, The Chartered Governance Institute


Michael Hilb
Entrepreneur, Board Member and Professor, University of Fribourg

Gertrude Takawira
Policy Adviser, The Chartered Governance Institute 

Catherine Maxwell FGIA FCG,
General Manager, Policy & Advocacy, Governance Institute of Australia

Kerry Porritt FCG
Group Company Secretary and Legal Advisor, Keller Group PLC

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