CGI Global Webinar: ‘Good governance for family-owned companies’

Family-owned companies, whether small or medium or large can benefit from good governance practices. They face unique challenges in regard to succession planning, separation of powers and sustainability.

When is the optimal time to put in place some of the ingredients of a traditional governance structure such as a board with independent directors or audit & risk committees? What sort of structures are appropriate to provide for a workable separation of powers and how does a family-company navigate cross-directorships and related-party transactions?

Family-owned companies are ubiquitous in Latin America, Africa and across a number of countries in Asia. There is an important role to play for governance professionals that work in family-owned companies in bringing in appropriate governance practices and structures.

For this webinar, we were fortunate to be joined by:
Edith Shih
Executive Director and Company Secretary, Hong Kong
Past President, The Chartered Governance Institute

Eckart Miessner
Executive Board Member and consultant, Mexico

Susana Eléspuru
Independent Director, Peru

Tim Sheehy
Director General of The Chartered Governance Institute was the Moderator

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