CGI Global Webinar: 'Sustainability, Climate Change and Net-Zero'

Governance professionals have an obligation to assist their organisations to put in place business practices that are sustainable, limit the impact of climate change and are ethical.

How these business practices and associated policies are implemented, how they are measured and reported, and whether they are genuinely embedded in the organisation’s culture will be closely watched by investors and the wider stakeholder universe. Whether the organisation’s board is ready to meet its responsibilities will also be under the microscope.

There is a lot at stake. The impact of climate changes continues its march toward an ever-increasing frequency and intensity of near catastrophic events. There would be no continent or, most likely, no country that has avoided a climate-related disaster in the last couple of years. Much will depend upon leadership and the standard of governance in an organisation, two dimensions clearly identified in the ISSB’s published Exposure Draft IFRS S2 Climate-related Disclosures.

For this webinar, we were fortunate to be joined by:

Orlando Garciacano
Non-Executive Director, Advisor & Speaker, Mexico

Peter Turnbull
Non-Executive Director, Australia

Shauna Mason
Investor Relations, Canada

Gertrude Takawira
Policy Advisor, Zimbabwe

Tim Sheehy
Director General of The Chartered Governance Institute will be the Moderator

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