CGI Global Webinar: 'Do we really need to meet? Learning from a pandemic'


Different countries are at different stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the severity of the pandemic has also varied widely from country to country.

As part of the response to the pandemic, governments in every country have to consider imposing constraints, amongst other things, on public meetings. In doing so, laws and regulations which actually require meetings to be held have to be amended, adapted or suspended whenever these might jeopardise the overwhelming goal of safeguarding public health.

The challenge of doing so is sharply and urgently posed in the context of any entity, be it a listed company, statutory body, non-governmental organisation or whatever, which has a statutory or regulatory obligation to hold a general meeting. This challenge can be met in two ways: either by a relaxation of the relevant law or regulation and/or by holding a meeting in such a way as respects both that obligation and prevailing public health measures.

The Chartered Governance Institute held this webinar, with the intention of drawing on the experience of leading governance professionals across the world to explain how different countries and different organisations have addressed the problem of holding public meetings, especially general meetings, during the current pandemic.

Looking further ahead, our speakers also discussed how the evolution of technology, laws and regulations, as well as shareholders’ and stakeholders’ attitudes, can and will enable companies and other entities to move away from the traditional concept of the set-piece physical general meeting towards hybrid or virtual meetings.

Our chairman is Peter Greenwood FCG FCIS - International Council member and Chairman of the Thought Leadership Committee of The Chartered Governance Institute.

Our speakers are;

  • Amanda Mellor FCG - Group Company Secretary of Standard Chartered PLC | Non-Executive Director
  • Edith Shih FCG(CS, CGP) FCIS(CS, CGP)(PE) - International President of The Chartered Governance Institute | Executive Director & Company Secretary of CK Hutchison Holdings
  • Peter Turnbull FCG - Vice President of The Chartered Governance Institute | Non-Executive Director

On-demand webinar - Do we really need to meet? Learning from a Pandemic

'Do we really need to meet? Still learning from a pandemic' is a wrap-up of the webinar authored by Chairman, Peter Greenwood. You can read it here.

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